How Germans Innovate im Ruhrgebiet

Guest participant
Universidad Estatal de Milagro UNEMI Logo

Worldfactory in Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
May 13-17 2019

How Germans Innovate (HGI) is a concept with the aim to train and advance the participants’ knowledge with best practice examples from German companies and technological centers. This program also offers themes such as global technological changes and trends (digitalization, Industry 4.0). HGI consists of innovative components and tools in the fields of innovation management, technology transfer and scientific organization with regards to various industries. Universities and companies in Latin America have the opportunity to take advantage of these insights to implement efficient innovation strategies into their local context. This will allow these organizations to be able to link themselves more efficiently with all the actors in the innovation system.


  • Scientific Organization
  • Innovation Management
  • Knowledge Transfer