Our Training Approach


Training for

This program aims to train and update the knowledge with regards to the effective pertinent application of international innovation strategies. The foundation for this  approach are best practices examples of innovation actors in Germany. The training focuses on three themes: innovation management, technology transfer and scientific organization for innovation.



It is a concept is based on the exchange and systematization of personalized information with the actors in the german innovation system. We promote greater rationality to recognize weaknesses and strengths of our clients’ innovation capacities. High-tech companies associated with the university and with the research centers participate in these tours.



This approach focuses on training and knowledge updating with the aim to understand the performance of countries in the international innovation dynamics. Based on the European approach of international collaboration, we promote technology transfer and promote strategies to strengthen country brands abroad.


Governance for

The rationality we use to develop this approach is that of “smart governments”. We define and supervise the development of new innovation policies based on innovative approaches to the governance and management of technological change. We optimize public and private innovation using innovative diagnostic methods.

Who participates?

Entrepreneurs | Companies | Universities | Research Centers |
Governmental institutions | Other public institutions | Embassies | Consulates | Ministries of foreign affairs | Diplomatic training schools |
Other public and private institutions | International institutions | NGO

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