With our training we aim to update the innovation actor’s knowledge. Our approach addresses the structural challenges of management to increase innovative capacity, and contains methodological concepts and tools that are easy to apply. We provide innovation actors with state-of-the-art methods to identify the factors for success and failure of German companies and the implementation of innovation between the university and the industry.


Our consultancy is based on the joint definition of challenges, creativity, excellence and innovative ambition. Our approach provides new tools to systematize information, analyze challenges and make reliable diagnoses. In an iterative process we approve each step with the needs of innovation actors. In this way, we guarantee an effective and fast application of new strategies. We use cutting-edge methods such as Design Thinking, Open Innovation and Business Modeling Innovation.


Our research activities are based on the formulation and development of scientific projects as well as the generation of indicators for innovation capabilities. Our research focus is the transformative evaluation; It adapts innovative tools in the field of innovation economics and allows us to deal mainly with the problems of diagnosis and generation of new strategies considering the dynamics of technological change. We guarantee the coherence and application of these strategies.